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I offer impartial, non-judgemental support and guidance to anyone with relationship issues, whether divorced, married, about to get married, single, seperated or co-habiting for both same sex and heterosexual partners. I can also help those who are still affected by difficulties from a past relationship or who are going through the experience of seperation. I work with a wide range of couple issues such as communication difficulties, sexual and emotional intimacy, affairs, loss of desire, management of domestic and daily life, the arrival of children, financial disputes and many other.  I am happy to see a couple individually, if both parties agree always under the same rules of confidentiality. 


Based on a systemic model of psychotherapy I offer help to families who have communication or relationship issues. Individuals can attend on their own or with other family members if needed as the aim in family therapy is to support family members to learn to express themselves better within the family system and help the family resolve its problems jointy. 


Family mediation can help partners or family members to reach decisions around the better management of their family affairs especially if a divorce is about to take place and changes have to be made around family arrangements.  It can produce long lasting agreements between all members in a calm and safe environment. Again, I work under the ethics of confidentiality and neutrality. 


I work with individuals experiencing stress, anxiety, depression, social isolation, low self-esteem, internal anger, guilt, blame, loss of a relationship, loss of job, uncertainty about the future and many other issues. I can offer coaching around career decisions and personal development. I work on a short-term or long term basis according to the situation.  


I am an accredited IPT therapist offering interpersonal psychotherapy for Depression, a time-limited treatment for up to 16 sessions that treats episodic Depression through Interpersonal lenses.

Interpersonal Psychotherapy views Depression as any other illness that can be linked to transitions such as relationship breakdown, divorce or job loss, having constant conflict with significant others, losing someone close to us or having interpersonal difficulties in maintaining or creating healthy relationships. It is a recommended treatment for episodic Depression and it has been evidenced to produce recovery most of the time.


I do provide Zoom sessions while applying the same rules of confidentiality

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