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SHORT-TERM THERAPY (6-13 Sessions)

I offer short-term therapy for those who have had a significant or immediate disruption in an intimate relationship, work position or facing a time in their lives that they just need a safe and ‘secure’ space to process, explore and reflect on these kind of disruptions, to be listened to carefully and move on forward.  

I have to note that clients that start with short-term therapy does not mean that they cannot move to long-term therapy as sometimes through short-term therapy some people realize that they need long-term sessions towards achieving fulfillment and self-actualization. The work also depends on the person and the issues that he/she/they bring into the room. 

LONG-TERM THERAPY (13+ sessions) 

I offer long-term therapy for those who want to start having a greater awareness of themselves in order to gain a great perspective and understanding around their ideas, beliefs, values, behavior patterns and relationship dynamics.  Long-term therapy can enrich someone’s life at a both emotional and intellectual level.  ‘It is a journey towards personal development that will significantly increase your effectiveness at whatever you set to do in your life’ 

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